Here Are Tips On How You Can Look More Attractive!!

  1. Keep Your Teeth White. … [ Healthy teeth, white shinning teeth like that of ‘CINDERELLAS” slippers will definitely get u closer to being attractive.. Try it it works!! ]
  2. Go For A Voluminous Hair Style. ...[ Damn!!! You know that feeling u get from wearing a new suiting hairdo, that feeling sure makes me attractive. It works for me, why don’t u try it out. ]
  3. Take Care Of Your Skin. ... [ Skin care is very essential, it doesn’t matter if you’re ‘BLACK or WHITE’, how your skin appears matters. It does you more good than harm. ]
  4.   Have red Lipstick Handy. ... [ This one is for the ladies, you know that woman power feeling you get when you wearing your lipstick on, it sure comes in handy, put it in your bag. Hey girl rock your lipstick. For the guys , you know now, that pink lip suiting feeling u get while licking your lips just to make you more sexier. Damn, girls gonna fall so hard for your pink lips. ]
  5. And Put On That  Dress. ... [ How you dress you’ll be addressed, look good wear that crazy jean,rock that arm less dinner gown. ]

Mimic. ... [ Mimicking goes very far, depending how obsessed you are, mimic your favorite fashion star,music star,mimic them. ]


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