OAP Toolz Lists Friends Who Dumped Her When She Got Married…

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Praiz, Iyanya, and Timaya have been called out by Nigerian On-Air Personality,  Toolz for severing ties with her.

According to the OAP, some of her male “friends” in the Nigerian music industry whom she thought were her friends left her immediately she got married and one of them is Praiz who she was opportune to speak with and hear His reason.

According to Praiz, he didn’t stop talking to Toolz, he only curtailed the frequency of their communication because of his respect for her marriage.

Timaya, on the other hand, told Toolz that she is dead to him the day she got married and apparently he kept his words because it seems she hasn’t heard from him since then.

Just like Praiz, Toolz revealed Iyanya told her he stopped calling her because she got married.

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*Well,why should anybody drop their friends because they got married?Real friends dont do that irrespective of gender.

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