My Guy’s Mahood Size Matters -Nollywood Actress Queeneth Agbor

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Pretty actress and media personality Queeneth Agbor is also a graduate of Microbiology. Among others, she has starred in movies like Hooked, Marriage Rules, Finally in Love, Nameste, Wannabe Girl, Midnight Quest, The Vigil and Prince On Fire among others. Raised in Calabar, the Cross Rivers State capital, in this chat with Entertainer, the thespian opens up on her career and what she desires in a man among other issues.
How has 2018 been?
Wonderful! It’s been God all the way. I give him all the praise, I’ve been pretty busy with work back to back.
Can you recall some memorable moments growing up?
I was a very dramatic child. When my grand mum saw me in a movie for the first time she was so excited she quipped ‘finally, my drama queen is where she truly belongs’. I’m the first of five siblings. I lost my mother last year. She was my mum, my dad and my best friend; I could tell her anything. She was the most important person in my life. The world could go against me but she’s always by my side. No matter the challenges, no matter what happened, as long as I had my mum by my side, the world could go to hell!
What were the challenges you faced as a green horn in the industry?
I didn’t really pass through any challenge because I started out on the right foundation. I attended the Royal Arts Academy which helped in putting me on the right track.
How supportive were your parents when you ventured into movies?
Of course, my mum, God rest her soul was my number one fan; she supported me all through.
You’ve starred in a number of movies. Which was the most challenging?
I think it should be Hooked. I had to use Ghanaian accent. Namaste was quite challenging because I had to use Indian accent. For Namaste I dedicated time to watching Zee World just to get the accent right and I even had to make lots of Indian friends.
What’s been your most memorable moment as an actress?
I’ve lots of them. The recent one was when I went to the gym and the receptionist stopped me and said I had a package. Then Samsung S7 had just hit the market. She gave it to me and said a fan dropped it for me but requested to remain anonymous; I was scared at first but gladly took it.
You added another year a few weeks ago, do you worry about marriage?
Marriage? Far from it. For now I’m still thinking of building my empire.
Are you in any serious relationship?
No, but I’m not searching either. I’m happily in love and in a serious relationship with myself; that’s the best kind of relationship.
What’s your kind of man?
Wow! I want a man with a huge pocket, not necessarily a fine boy or a guy with six-packs but definitely not ugly. I want a giver; a man that surprises me always but above all, he must be God fearing.
And when do you think is the right time to walk down the aisle?
Marriage to be honest scares me but when we get to that bridge we shall cross it.
Does the size and strength of your man’s prowess matter?
Yes it does, it really matters.
Any embarrassing moments?
I can’t recall any for now. But sure, I know I have encountered one or two.
Have you produced a movie or do you have plans to produce one any time soon?
Yes. Pretty soon but for now, let me just keep focusing on acting.
Aside movies, what else do you do?
Nothing for now but I’m currently working on a project and when it ripens, you all will know.
What lessons has life thought you?
God has been faithful to me. I believe that in everything you do, you should know your worth. Pray, don’t be in a haste and things will fall into place at the right time. It’s God that has helped me this far; it isn’t by my talent. I believe that you should be quick to listen; don’t be a talkative. If you listen more than you talk, you’ll gain more. You should also be humble and submissive because it can take you even further than you expect. You should endeavour to have a good working relationships with your colleagues. That way, people would recommend you to other producers. Pride cannot take you anywhere; it has never helped anyone so, be submissive.
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