Jesus Drank Alcohol When He Was Alive, Go To Quilox And Drink – Daddy Freeze

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Daddy Freeze in his usual manner of encouraging his followers to do what the church leaders dissuade them from doing, has mentioned that taking alcoholic drinks in the club is actually Christ-like.

This is coming after photos of Shina Peller, who is the owner of a popular Night Club in Lagos, surfaced on the internet while helping victims at an accident scene.

Peller as seen siphoning fuel from his car and also allowed the victims to be conveyed to the hospital in his car.

According to Daddy Freeze, the pastors would not do this and he went further to state that the kind gesture displayed by Shina Peller is one reason why guys should visit his club and other clubs in Lagos to spend their money on alcoholic drinks.

He also mentioned that since Jesus mingled with sinners and probably drank in His days on earth, then it is allowed for people to drink as well.

Below is what he posted on instagram:

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