5 ways to recognize an emotionally-immature partner

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Faithfulness, loyalty, care and flaming romance might be the buzzwords when speaking about the traits to desire in a new partner, but these things can only keep the relationship alive for so long.
At some point, the importance of emotional maturity will become very obvious, and especially in a long-term relationship, lack of it in any of the partners could mean trouble.

So how do you know that you or your partner lack emotional maturity?

1.Lack of control over their emotions
Emotionally mature people have mastered the ability to subdue their emotions especially when they are negative. So, where your partner cannot handle criticism even when it is constructive, or where their temper can’t be kept in check, best know they still have work to do on their emotional maturity.

It is a hallmark of maturity to be able to balance one’s needs with that of others. A partner’s inability to put you into consideration when making decisions, and making the relationship about them, their needs and what they deem right shows some level of immaturity.

One other thing that screams emotional immaturity is a lack of independence.Dating someone who is dependent on you for all their happiness, and who literally can not live, laugh and be without you can be exhausting.Emotional maturity signifies that you have reached a stage in your life where you are cool being by yourself, but you decide to share your time, joy and precious moments with someone. Not because you necessarily have to, but because you made the choice to do so.Entering into a relationship only for the purpose of being scared to be by one’s self is a sure sign of immaturity.

4.Unnecessarily dragging out fights
Knowing when to say sorry especially when you are not at fault has always been a guide for maturity and remains so even till date.Therefore one of the ways to identify someone who’s low on emotional maturity is their insistence on proving that they are right when a simple apology could settle differences and bring peace back into the relationship. Love has never thrived where big egos clash… every mature lover recognizes this fact.

5.Undue jealousy
Another sign that characterizes an immature partner is their undue jealousy or feeling threatened by almost everyone of the opposite sex who comes near their partner.The ability of knowing your place and trusting your partner enough to let them relate with members of the opposite sex without doing you dirty is a sign of being emotionally mature.

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