Top 5 Strongest Avengers Characters – Marvel

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Avengers is the squad of fictional superheroes created by writer and editor Stan Lee and artist/co-editor Jack Kirby. These characters have radically appeared in Marvel comic book then the movie comes the movie of these characters which is created under Marvel Studios. Each Marvel superhero has their particular strength and a fictional biography.

Here we are going to discuss the top 5 Marvel superheroes.

#1. Captain America
Captain America is also known as the first avenger. He has a shield which is made by a fictional metal called vibranium. The shield of Captain America is strong enough to absorb the hulk’s thrash and repels the attack of Thor’s hammer without any visible damage. The shield of Captain America was created by iron’s man father which is revealed in the movie Captain America civil war.

Fictional Biography of Captain America
The story of Captain America starts with Steve Rogers who lived in Brooklyn. Steve Rogers father was alcoholic and mother passed away after his graduation. Steve Rogers was very passionate about joining the army but he was failing to pass physical requirements he was invited to operation rebirth his body was exposed to vita rays which makes him provide maximum efficiency of the human body.

#2. Ironman
Ironmen has no powers of its own he is a rich inventor who invented a suite which gives him extra strength and keeps his damaged heart beating. So he can not survive without the iron suit but eventually, his heart was repaired by a microchip which keeps him alive without the suit.

The fictional biography of Ironman
The story of iron man starts with a man named Tony Stark was a rich inventor and suffering from some heart issues. He made a suit which keeps him alive but eventually, he figured out the life without the iron suite. The suit of Tony stark makes him Iron man which provides him strength and ability to fly and handling the weapons the iron man suit contains an intelligent software called Jarvis which keeps care of suit issue and gives the update about suit time to time.

#3. Thor
Thor is an Asgardian god from another planet. He has the mightiest Hammer which can only control by him no one can lift his hammer even an inch up not even by hulk.

The fictional biography of Thor
Thor is an Asgardian god with his hammer named Mijnoir he can control the lightning and he can also fly with the help of his hammer.

#4. Hulk
The strength of Hulk is probably greatest among all the Super Heroes. He can endure any strike even bullets and missiles. He can run thousands of miles he usually travels by jumping and destroying things which comes in his way.

The fictional biography of Hulk
Hulk is a scientist named Bruce Banner who is working for the military and doing testing on gamma bomb during the test he notices a young teenager names Rick entered in the test field. To bring him back he exposed himself to gamma bomb and which makes him a giant Hulk.

#5. Hawkeye
Hawkeye is the greatest Marksman on the earth. Hawkeye shoots arrow bomb which explored after reaching the destination. He can shoot the target even with his closed eyes.

The fictional biography of Hawkeye
Hawkeye is the world greatest marksmen trained by the criminal. In avenger age of Ultron, he declared he is going to retire. He likes to spend time with his family when he is free from Avengers.

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