TY Bello Looks Exquisite On The Cover Of This Day Magazine

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TY Bello is a beauty and lover of all things art, so seeing her on the cover of This Day Magazine representing her style is very magical indeed.

The singer, cum photographer posted a set of photos from This Day Magazine, thanking them for sharing her experience with her.

TY Bello recently clocked 40 last month so she definitely is in a monumental time of her life.

She wrote on her page,

“This feels soooo good .. to be celebrated at home by @thisdaystyle .. they’ve been family for almost 12 years and I’m so humbled by this . This is my 3rd @thisdaystyle cover and for me it says a lot .. the covers have always come at very pivotal points in my journey .. the first one in 2006 when I took the crazy leap to be a full time portrait photographer and shoot nothing else .. that may sound like nothing now but at the time ..you had to be all things to all men to make it in my field .. the second time was also important .. That whole year was tough .. I just wanted to be a Mum and it just wasn’t working and many days felt really dark .. the cover was like sunshine .. Gods pat on my back saying .. see daughter how beautiful you look .. I’ve made you beautiful.. and will make it things beautiful in my time .. my goodness .. He absolutely did.. Now this one has come at another major point .. discovering afresh who I really am.. that God made me a mother indeed ..not just to my children but to the many people I’ll be given the opportunity to inspire ,mentor and learn from.Look at theses beautiful portraits for instance .”

See her magical photos below.

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